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Mambo Township Crusade

What excited us as a team was while in Mambo township in Gweru, Zimbabwe were the people we reached in these areas had very little experience of church.

People only started singing along with the band by the Saturday night in Mambo Township as they had never heard the songs we were singing. We had countless testimonies of people being changed as they believed God's Word and by God's mercy and compassion many were healed.

The School ministry and Children's crusades attracted many children and thousands of children came to hear the gospel on a daily basis. Zimbabwe is a nation hungry and open to the gospel and we truly sense God's favour in going to Zimbabwe at this time. While there we were very conscious of the thousands of people we are affecting with the gospel, which has an eternal impact.

All of us are on the edge of eternity and we can be sure of our eternal destiny by knowing Jesus. Let's take this gospel to as many as possible and lead them to our Saviour Jesus.

Mambo,Gweru lady has her legs healed Mambo,Gweru Children's crusade
Mambo, Gweru JJ the puppet at the
children's crusade
Mambo,Gweru man has leg healed
Mambo,Gweru Man healed of ulcers Mambo,Gweru thousands responding to Jesus
Mambo, Gweru. Zimbabwe open to the gospel School crusade in Gweru
Mambo, Gweru. Steve preaching the good news

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Knysna Information

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