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Kariba Crusade

The Kariba crusade was one of our toughest crusades this year. It was a very long way from home and we had opposition from start to finish.

On the first night of the crusade a man approached a pastor and I and said he had had a dream of coming to the crusade ground and meeting a white bald man who would preach the gospel. In His dream the Lord spoke to him and said to listen and receive and He would become a believer. This was a great encouragement to our team as we knew we were in the right place at the right time.

We decided to do this crusade one week after the runoff elections and although there were many reports of violence and intimidation, still felt compelled to go. It was a very long trip (+- 1600kms) and things in Zimbabwe are not easy. Kariba is situated in a game reserve with animals roaming the streets freely, we had elephants, zebra, hippo and baboons come to the crusade truck every night.

God did wonderful miracles with blind eyes opening and deaf ears hearing. The word was received each night with many people responding to salvation. It did feel as if we were plowing hard ground though, but know that God's Word does not return void.

We are committed to going to Zimbabwe and will be doing 2 crusades in the town of KweKwe in December. We truly sense the favour of God as we do our crusades in this nation. Evidence of this was when the national television broadcaster came to our crusade and took video footage which was shown on prime time news.

This lady was blind in one eye and was healed The children’s crusade was well attended
Kariba hearing the good news Elephants on site
Preaching the gospel The long journey to our destination
Matt driving the truck

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