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Mbizo and Rutendo Crusade

His Grace Abounds!

These were our best crusades in Zimbabwe ever, thousands of people responded to the gospel with many amazing healings and miracles. We are so aware of the grace of God as we go into the nation of Zimbabwe and give Jesus all the glory for what He is doing in and through us. With the nation struggling to cope with the demands of hyperinflation, poverty and disease, we always seem to end up at the right place at the right time.

Our hearts were touched by the openness to the gospel and the expectancy of the people in Mbizo and Rutendo Townships in Kwekwe. Here are some of the healing testimonies:

While we were taking testimonies a teenage girl walked onto the stage and the whole crowd went crazy because since birth she had suffered from a sever foot and leg defect where her foot was turned under so that she could only limp and walk on the side of her foot. God healed her and turned her foot right so she could walk properly for the first time in her life.The crowd went crazy because they all knew her and her deformity; there was no denying the power of God!

One night after the prayer for the sick an old woman came onto the stage holding her cane above her head and dancing to our praise music. For the past several years she was only able to walk very slowly with the use of a cane. God healed her and she began to dance with joy!

A woman was brought to the crusade in a wheelbarrow screaming from pain and unable to move after praying for her she stood up totally healed! She pushed her own wheelbarrow home!

A woman came on the insistence of her small children.  For 10 years she had had a severe headache, so bad that for the past several years she had been unable to do anything but lay in bed with her covers wrapped over her head. Reluctantly and with much pain and difficulty she came. God took away her headache and she was pain free for the first time in 10 years!
A man came onto the stage dancing and leaping holding his crutches over his head praising God for the miracle that had happened to him…

The Lord Jesus left His mark in this town and even after we left we continue to have testimonies of lives being changed by the power of His Love.

The Pastors Conference went very well with over 300 Pastors and leaders attending the 3 day conference. We provided each person attending the conference with books, pens and meals for the duration of the conference. The testimonies of Pastors lives being touched and encouraged were numerous and we feel honoured to play a part in helping the men and women of God there.

Thank you to our partners for making this conference and crusade possible, together we are making a huge difference in the lives of so many.

Thousands responding to Jesus Celebrating freedom from pain
Walking for the first time in 4 years Children’s crusade
Children’s crusade Kwekwe responding to His Love
Cripples walk and dance Healed and restored
People saved for eternity Jesus a friend of sinners
Canes no longer needed Feeding Pastors at the conference
Richard Olivier of Riverlife Church ministering Good News

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