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Mkoba Crusade

The Mkoba Crusade was held in the town of Gweru in Zimbabwe and was a powerful display of God’s goodness.

The location for the crusade was next to night clubs, shebeens (beer halls) and liquor stores.  It was also the main taxi stop so the perfect place to reach sinners. It was bitterly cold yet people still came and attended the crusade, this was quite a surprise to us as the weather normally affects attendance. The Gospel is good news and as the week progressed we had prostitutes, drunkards and known sinners testifying to the goodness of God. Many people responded to Salvation and were filled with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

We saw many receive healing and one lady was ecstatic when she did not have to walk with the aid of her crutches.
Zimbabwe is ripe for the harvest and we give Jesus all the glory as we continue to sow the seeds of the Gospel.

Cripple leg healed Receiving the good news
Mkoba night Matt and Joseph
Joseph Children receiving Jesus
Arm healed

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