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Gokwe Crusade

Gokwe receives the Grace of God!

We were asked “Why are you going to Gokwe, there’s no-one there...?” and that is precisely why we felt led to go.

Although we did feel like we were in a rural and remote area, called a “growth point” in Zimbabwe, people still came in their thousands to hear the gospel. Because this town had not had too much influence from religion, the people and pastors’ hearts were open to receive the goodness and grace of God. Bertie Brits from Dynamic Love Ministries (www.dynamicministries.com) accompanied us and also did a marvellous job of leading sinners to their saviour.

God manifested Himself as the Healer and we saw many testimonies of His healing power. We continue to stand amazed at the power of the gospel when it is believed and received.

The childrens crusade went extremely well with Matt and Joseph doing a terrific job.

The Pastors Conference in Gokwe was well attended with many people sitting on the floor due to lack of chairs and space. Once again, Bertie Brits and Itani Madima did a super job in communicating the gospel in a practical and powerful way to the Pastors and Leaders of Gokwe.

We will be doing a follow up Conference in June in Gokwe to continue the grace work started there. Ben Schlachter will be driving with Greg Boswara to do this conference.

The children being entertained Steve Olivier addresses the people of Magunje
This man's arm was healed Every evening brought large numbers of
people seeking salvation
This women was healed in both her legs

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Knysna Information

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