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Knysna Crusade

We have just returned from a great crusade in Knysna, South Africa. Hundreds of people responded to the good news of Jesus and surrended their lives to him. We saw a man on crutches healed by the power of Jesus and walked freely, another man carried to the crusade walked home, a woman deaf in one ear healed and many other testimonies of God's goodness.

We continue to stand amazed at the loving kindness of God and that Jesus is truly alive. He is not a myth or mystery but is the Living God of the Universe come to dwell within you and me! As we come to a close this year we are eternally grateful to what the Lord has accomplished. Tens of thousands of people received eternal life, countless lives were healed and restored, churches have been planted and believers edified.

Thank you so much to those who have sown into the ministry and made it possible for towns and communities to be touched and changed by the Love of God. We appreciate you so much!

Healed by the power of Jesus Responding to Jesus
Children responding to the Children's crusade Crutches no longer needed

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Knysna Information

Knysna Information

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Acc Name: Life World Outreach
Cheque Acc No: 021629803
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