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Childrens Crusades

To be a child in South Africa is to walk a fragile path to adulthood. The country is home to nearly 19 million children, most of whom are vulnerable. Two-thirds of all children live below the bread line – many in shack homes with unemployed, single, chronically sick or elderly parents and caregivers. Poverty collides with the country’s severe AIDS epidemic, high unemployment and poorservice delivery to create great hardships for thousands of South African families.

The Orphan crisis in South Africa will peak in 2015 with 5,000,000 orphans. At this time 1 out of every 3, 15-17 year olds in the country will have lost their mother. Today there are many of these orphans who have no adult supervision or support. Our objective is to provide knowledge and give hope to these precious young people.


Luke 18:16 “Jesus called them back. Let these children alone. Don’t get between them and me. These children are the kingdom’s pride and joy.” (MSG)

Every afternoon of our crusade a seperate children’s crusade is held where they learn relevant Bible stories, memory verses, games and activities. They hear the Good News at their level and are given an opportunity to make a decision to follow Jesus whatever their age. Statistics have shown that children giving their lives to Jesus have a higher percentage of staying with Him than if they make a decision as an adult.Dee-Anne, with her degree in education and her passion for children, makes each crusade lots of fun yet personal and relevant. Keeping thousands of children attentive and engaged is a daunting task, yet with the help of the Holy Spirit and volunteers, children experience the power of the gospel and the love of Jesus.


It is important for us to know that these children are covered with prayer and are given the opportunity to hear and respond to Jesus. Please pray that the seeds sown will find fertile soil and bear much fruit.

Our budget includes craft materials, prizes, thousands of sweets and various visual aids. Your sponsorship would be a great blessing.

We have hundreds of children coming to our crusade and it is wonderful to have volunteers there assisting with the games and activities each day.

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Knysna Information

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