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Vengere and Mabvazuva Township, Rusape, Zimbabwe

Thousands of people came to the crusades in Rusape with a tremendous amount of people receiving Jesus.

We have seen some cripples walk and 3 young children deaf in one or both ears hear. The parents of these children brought them onto the stage and rejoiced as their children heard. We have testimonies of many people being healed and set free from pain, Jesus is amazing!

We were approached by the Hindu community to come to the Hindu temple on Sunday to share the gospel with them and pray for the sick.
Many were healed and received Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Almost everywhere we went in town people greeted us and told us how they have received Jesus and how they are enjoying hearing the gospel.
The gospel we have truly is good news and we have a world waiting for someone to tell them.

Man's leg healed no longer needs a cane. People surrendering their lives to Jesus.
Mother testifies son was deaf and can now hear.
Mother testifies daughter deaf in one ear is healed.
Joe Shereni doing the childrens crusade. Ps Didymus Mareyanadzo leading worship.
Preaching in Mabvazuva. Baby's fever left.

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Knysna Information

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