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Zevenfontein Crusade

The people of Zevenfontein welcomed us with open arms. It is a community living with no electricity, running water or sanitation and yet they neighbour one of the wealthiest suburbs in Johannesburg.

On the backdrop of these mansions we were able to show the people how valuable they were to the kingdom of God. It was the first time we decided to show the movie “The Passion of Christ” and by the second night the field was full with people standing shoulder to shoulder and the taxis lined up like a drive in.

It was a powerful visual demonstration of what Jesus had paid for them on the cross. Both children and adults responded to the altar calls and many received healings as they understood what Jesus had done. We had a wonderful response with the children and were able to have enough helpers to do crafts and games with them in the afternoon.

While Steve and the team were tearing down an old man came to Steve and said that he just wanted to say thank you, as we had prayed for a job for him the night before and in the morning he had got up and was able to get one. We also had the members of the police forum come to us on the last night and say that they were very sad to see us go, as during the whole week of the crusade they had had no incidents of crime.

We give God all the glory for touching this special community.


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Knysna Information

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