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Olievenhoutbosch Crusade

We have seen our Saviour working in the hearts of people at our crusade in Olievenhoutbosch. Many hundreds of men, women and children received Jesus as their Lord and testimonies abounded as His healing touched bodies and minds.

We give glory to God as He led us to do the crusade on a field where a serial killer has dumped nine of his victim’s bodies since January. His love touched and healed many hearts in the area and we can give God glory as the man responsible was found 2 weeks after the crusade. He is in police custody and awaiting trial. We have an awesome God on our side, and if He is for us, who can be against us?

Chubby bunny at the children’s crusade A newspaper article about the serial killer in the area
- he was caught two weeks after our crusade
Steve Preaching This woman was healed of deafness
This man was also healed of deafness Children enjoying the entertainment at the crusade
Receiving Jesus as Lord Matt at the schools telling children
Jesus is their friend.
Mambo, Gweru. Steve preaching the good news

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Watch Us on Youtube

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Knysna Information

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