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Bekkersdal Crusade

Our last crusade for the year was in Bekkersdal. During our advertising we had incidences of people stealing from us and of people trying to get violent. While on crusade the police came to us and warned us that it was not a good place to be in on the weekend and that crime is very bad in the area. Throughout the crusade we felt covered by the Lord’s protection, and we had a wonderful time with the community. We had our largest children’s crusade ever with over two thousand children participating everyday in the program.

We had testimonies of deaf ears opening and various aliments being healed instantly. People flocked at night to watch the “Passion of Christ” movie and many gave their hearts to Jesus. We thank the Lord that we were once again led to be in the right place at the right time.

Children at the Crusade This man was deaf in one ear and was healed
Alter Call Children praying

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Knysna Information

Knysna Information

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